Year: 2022 | Month: April | Volume 1 | Issue 1

Empowerment of Scheduled Tribes Women Leaders in Panchayat Raj in Nanded District, in Marathwada Region : A Case Study

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Mahatma Gandhi rightly stated about India and importance of villages in India because India is a country of villages. The development of rural India is the development of the country. Article 40 of the Indian Constitution provides for the development of rural India by establishing a Panchayat Raj system for decentralization of power. In the last forty years of efforts for decentralization of power. The expected development of rural areas gained momentum, so the Central Government amended the 73rd Constitution in 1993 to ensure regular elections, women and OBCs reservation, importance of Gram Sabha and creation of financial resources. This has increased the participation of the people in the local bodies. The 73rd Amendment has proved to be a milestone in the development of rural areas. The researcher has worked on the same topic with broad area including Nanded and Hingoli district of Marathwada region to UGC under the minor research project. The further study is continued with analytical study through a questionnaire on whether tribal women in Nanded district have been empowered through local self-government bodies in the current work.

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